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Меркурий Центр Карта - Атласы и карты автомобильных дорог
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The cartographical enterprise «Mercury Card Center» one of the leading publishing houses of the CIS, based in 2004 experts of the different directions of the cartographical activity, engaged more than 30 years development and drawing up of cards and atlases of various subject.

Our main goal of work of the enterprise – release of high-quality atlases, cards, atlases directories, globes and geoinformation systems depending on needs of users.

Main types of activity
- design, drawing up and updating of cards of different function and scales;
- development and creation of various thematic cards, atlases, globes;
- creation of geoinformation systems of different function.

- Development of advertizing cartographical production;
- development of advertizing modules and their placement in own cartographical production;
- realization of cartographical production of own production.

The Ministry of economic development of the Russian Federation / Federal service of the state registration, inventory and cartography (Rosreestr) / The No. 77-00280F from 16.03.2012г. on implementation of geodetic and cartographical works of the federal appointment, which results have nation-wide, interbranch value. Validity period - it is termless

The Main production
Road atlases, cards and atlases directories in the territory of the countries of Europe and Asia, including Russia, CIS and Baltic countries, Central Asia and Kazakhstan. Production catalog - http://atlasmercuri.ru/en/catalog

All of them are developed on a modern topographical basis, are constantly updated and supplemented. Updating is carried out 4 times a year on operative cartographic, space and aero film-making materials and data with use of the latest computer technologies.

And atlases of highways we develop cards for:
- professional drivers and motorists;
- employees of logistic and transport companies;
- autotourists and cyclists;
- tourists, travelers and regional specialists.

On our cards, atlases and atlases directories the optimum scale is applied, actual road and reference information is picked up, conveniently readable conventional signs, designations and colors on cards are used. All this in a complex provides ease when reading the cartographical contents, as when planning route, and directly along the line.

Our production allows the user to choose operatively an optimum and shortest route to the destination, to receive reliable road information (numbering and classification of highways, their covering, a technical condition and existence of multilevel outcomes).

At the same time you receive information on objects on the way, namely:
- settlements;
- railways;
- seas, lakes, reservoirs, rivers and channels;
- sea and river ports, airports;
- filling stations, service stations;
- posts of vesogabaritny control, check points on frontiers;
- the major cultural sights.
For orientation the passable distances to you will allow to judge not only a car speedometer, but also the multilevel detailed distance in kilometers put on the card.