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Меркурий Центр Карта - Атласы и карты автомобильных дорог
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Road atlas «Moscow Region»
Road atlas «Moscow Region» Road atlas «Moscow Region» Road atlas «Moscow Region» Road atlas «Moscow Region» Road atlas «Moscow Region» Road atlas «Moscow Region»

Road atlas «Moscow Region»

ISBN: 978-5-91420-020-3 
type: Book
cover: soft
autor: Ltd "MCM"
manufactured: Publishing company Ltd "Mercury Center Map"
date: 2009-01-01  
standard: 30
pages: 80
weight, g.: 290
number of copies:
sizes, mm.: 163x245x5

Detailed the road atlas of the area in Russian... In the atlas are presents detailes new (1см - 2 km) cards of the Moscow area, Moscow and the nearest Moscow suburbs, the scheme ways 18 cities and 32 outcomes on MKAD. Schemes suburban railway and bus service and high-speed transport of Moscow are in addition placed. The latest cartographical and inquiry information is used in the atlas. New and that is in perspective roads, multilevel road interchange on the highways, detailed kilometerage, filling service stations, touristic places of interest, hunting and fishings, avia and other numerous clubs, the various help information. For the creating of the product modern topographic materials, quick space survey data and computer technologies were used. The atlas supplements the index of the name of the settlements. The product is edited and updated annual. This is the latest publishing item

1. The Moscow area.
Administrative-territorial division page.2−3
2. Moscow.
Administrative-territorial division page.3
3. The scheme of accommodation of cards of the atlas.
The major highways page.4−5
4. The scheme of distances.
Symbols page.5−6
5. Cards of highways of the Moscow area
Scale 1:200 000 (in 1 sm of 2 km) page.7−55
6. A card of Moscow
Scale 1:100 000 (in 1 sm of 1 km) page.56−59
7. Schemes ways cities
Scale 1:75 000 (in 1 sm - 750) page.60−65
8. A suburban railway communication page.66−67
9. Suburban bus service page.68−69
10. Schemes of traffic intersections of MKAD page.70−71
11. High-speed transport of Moscow page.72
12. The index of names of settlements page.73−80