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Меркурий Центр Карта - Атласы и карты автомобильных дорог
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Road book
Road book Road book Road book Road book Road book

Road book "Ukraine + Moldova"

- Ukraine and Moldova;
- A modern road network;
- Border check-points of road transport;
- Multi-level interchanges on highways;
- Detailed mileage and distance tables;
- Gas stations, gas stations and service stations along the route;
- Interesting tourist facilities and attractions;
- Map of the main roads of the CIS and Eastern Europe
- Map of the administrative-territorial division of Ukraine
- Signs and symbols in English and Russian languages;
- Index of place names.

Main advantages:
- Easy to use format;
- Optimally matched scale of the maps;
- The validity and accuracy of the maps;
- Constantly updated information;
- Ease of use;
- Easy to read maps.