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Меркурий Центр Карта - Атласы и карты автомобильных дорог
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Road atlas
Road atlas Road atlas Road atlas Road atlas Road atlas Road atlas Road atlas Road atlas

Road atlas "Russia. СIS. EC"

ISBN: 978-5-91420-027-2 
type: Book
cover: hard
autor: Ltd "MCM"
manufactured: Publishing company Ltd "Mercury Center Map"
date: 2011-08-08
standard: 8
pages: 256
weight, g.: 730
number of copies:
sizes, mm.: 260x208x16

Atlas includes roads: Europe, Russia, CIS and Baltic States (from Lisbon to Nakhodka).It covers the territory: Russia, Belarus, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Moldova, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and all of Europe.
The main difference from the existing road atlases is that it also includes all the territory of the countries listed above.
It added the group developed cartographic publishing modern road maps of Kazakhstan and Central Asia, across Europe.
The work on updating the entire territories of other countries.
The atlas utilizes the latest mapping and background information, browse new and promising roads, multi-level road junctions on trunk roads, a detailed mileage, gas stations, gas stations, service stations, tourist sites and attractions, border crossing points by road.
Plans placement of cards in Russia, CIS and Baltic States, the major road (west), major roads (east), location maps of Europe, the major roads of Europe (north), the major roads of Europe (south), a table of distances, symbols and other background information.
When you create a product used modern topographic materials, operational data of satellite imagery and computer technology.
Atlas complements the short index of names of settlements.
Legend of symbols in Russian and English languages.
Entire area of coverage, reliability and accuracy of the displayed cards made him popular and in demand among motorists of the CIS countries. Do not have analogues in the CIS.

1. Scheme of the maps – pages 2-3
2. Main roads (west) – pages 4-5
3. Main roads (east) – pages 6-7
4. Distances’ table – page 8
5. Symbols – page 9
6. Road maps of the 1:700 000 scale – pages 10-155
7. Road maps of the 1:1 400 000 scale – pages 156-193
8. Road maps of the 1:2 800 000 scale – pages 194-224
9. Towns and places reference - pages 180-256