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Road atlas
Road atlas Road atlas Road atlas Road atlas Road atlas Road atlas Road atlas Road atlas Road atlas Road atlas Road atlas

Road atlas "RUSSIA"

ISBN: 978-5-91420-087-6
type: Book
cover: Hardcoveredv autor: Ltd "MCM"
manufactured: Publishing company Ltd "Mercury Center Map"
date: 2011-08-08
standard: 8
pages: 256
weight, g.: 600
number of copies:
sizes, mm.: 298x217x16


The most comprehensive and detailed road atlas of the Russian Federation on the market, both on the coverage area and map scale.

Includes the entire country / from Kaliningrad to Nakhodka /.

For the first time in the atlas, in addition to the road maps, were placed full maps of 16 largest cities of Russia. Details of these cards allows the motorist to see the city itself, with its access roads from different directions, and its surroundings. The following features are shown on the maps of the cities:
- Transport infrastructure. Major thoroughfares, service stations, intercepting parking;
- The authority and control, traffic police, hospitals, etc.;
- The main attractions of the city;
- Hotels and supermarkets.

Posted by maps of cities are particularly useful when transiting and trailering.

The atlas utilizes the latest mapping and background, shows the new and promising roads, multi-level interchanges on main roads, a detailed mileage, petrol stations, service stations, tourist sites and attractions, border crossing points of road transport.

Atlas completes a full index of names of settlements. The symbols are in Russian and English languages.

Edition corrected and updated annually. The latest release is presented.